The Hospital for Sick Children
The Imaging Facility
Equipment Status (frequently used equipment)
Equipment Status Notes
Zeiss Elyra PS1 (SIM/PALM/STORM)
Olympus TIRF/FLIM Microscope
Nikon A1R Confocal
Leica SP8 Confocal/STED
Leica Two-Photon SP8 Confocal replacement 20x/0.95 lens has been installed. The microscope is fully functional.
Quorum Spinning Disk Confocal 1
Quorum Spinning Disk Confocal 2
Quorum Spinning Disk Confocal 3
Quorum Spinning Disk Confocal 4 We have a replacement filter wheel on the system. The microscope is fully functional
Zeiss Light Sheet Microscope
Zeiss Epifluorescence Microscope The shutter has been replaced and the system is fully functional.
Nikon Epifluorescence/Histology Microscope
Quorum Epifluorescence Microscope The filter wheel has been removed from this system temporarily
MMI Epifluorescence Microscope w/Laser Scissors
Leica Fluorescence Stereoscope
Volocity Workstation 3
Volocity Workstation 4 This workstation is reserved for light sheet image analysis only.
Volocity Workstation 5
Volocity Workstation 7 This workstation is reserved for super-resolution image analysis only.
Imaris License 1
Imaris License 2
Fluorescence Plate Reader 1
Fluorescence Plate Reader 2
SpectraMax Luminometer (w/Injectors) / Optronic Colony Counter It is the responsibility of the user to make sure the instrument is completely cleaned and rinsed after injector use.
Li-Cor Odyssey Fc 1
Li-Cor Odyssey Fc 2
Typhoon Phosphorimager
  • In an effort to maintain our equipment performing at a high level, any users found to have not cleaned the objectives after using the microscope will be charged double for their session.