The Hospital for Sick Children
The Imaging Facility
Facility User Fees

The Imaging Facility provides access to equipment on a user-cost basis. Users are required to book equipment in advance through our equipment booking system or you may contact us directly via telephone or email to reserve equipment in advance. Mandatory training is required for all users prior to the use of new equipment.

SickKids Internal Rates (per hour)   External Rates (per hour)
$30.00 Zeiss Elyra PS1 (SIM/PALM/STORM) $36.00
$30.00 Leica SP8/STED Confocal $36.00
$24.00 Nikon A1R Point Scanning Confocal w/FCS $32.00
$23.00 Quorum Spinning Disk Confocals $31.00
$24.00 Olympus TIRF/FLIM $32.00
$30.00 Zeiss Z1 Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope $36.00
$20.00 Zeiss/Quorum Epifluorescence Microscope $26.00
$18.00 MMI Laser Microdissection $25.00
$15 or TBD Nikon Histology/Long Term Imaging $19 or TBD
$5/slide (BF) or $12/slide (FL) 3DH Pannoramic Slide Scanner (20x) $6/slide (BF) or $14/slide (FL)
$7/slide (BF) or $15/slide (FL) 3DH Pannoramic Slide Scanner (40x/Oversize Samples) $8/slide (BF) or $18/slide (FL)
$11.00/hr Leica Fluorescence Stereomicroscope  $15/hr
$60/hr Training Fees $60/hr
- Analysis Workstations -
- Molecular Devices Visible Light/Fluorescence Plate Readers -
- Molecular Devices Luminometer -
- Molecular Dynamics Typhoon Phosphorimager -
- Li-Cor Odyssey FC -
- Alpha Innotech Gel Documentation -
$500 Imaging Facility Annual Access Fee $500